Accessorize your MINI and save some bucks along the way!

Are you looking to add a little distinction to your MINI?  Need badges, stripes, or new mirror caps?  Wanna save some money?  There are a few promotions going on around the web this week that can help you with all you accessorizing needs!

First up is a very limited 3 day sale (Which will be down to 2 days by the time I get this posted)  The folks over at Moss are having a “cool savings” sale going on now through June 9th, use coupon code “cool15” when you checkout to get a 15% discount on your order.  visit Moss MINI for details!

How about some badges? is celebrating its one year anniversary with a special 20% off sale!  We really love these badges and we get lots of compliments on them.  Check them out and make your MINI YOURS! sponsors the WhiteRoofRadio podcast every month and offers its listeners a 5% discount on all of their purchases. But the trick to getting the discount code is to actually listen to the podcast.  The podcast is very informative and keeps you up to date on all things MINI in the U.S. and around the globe.

**editorial note** epMINIs doesn’t get anything out of these promotions, (although now that I say it out loud, I gotta fix that!)  I just thought I would share the info I’m always getting in my mailbox with all our epMINIs followers and friends!