UPDATES: Weekend of June 25th and 26th: CLINIC, RALLY & AUTOCROSS

For the Clinic, BMW & MINI Cooper Specialists will have a representative from BG Products offer product demonstrations and a raffle for a BG Products based service.  BG products are engineered for longer life on engines.  The Specialists at the Clinic can explain how they’ve used BG products on several sickly MINI’s already.

For Sunday’s get together, the guys at the SCCA Auto Cross at Cohen Stadium welcome spectators to their event. If there is anyone interested, they have offered to possibly arranges some ride alongs so that everyone has a chance to get a feel for how the track works.  You have to register early to get your car on the track, but if you have questions, a ride along might be just the perfect thing to put those questions to rest!


original post from June 19 follows:

Next weekend (June 25th and 26th) is shaping up to be a VERY busy weekend for MINI and “other” car fans alike. We’ve got our eagerly anticipated MINI Cooper Car Care Clinic on Saturday, epMINIs has been invited to an auto cross at Cohen Stadium and there’s a Cars and Coffee event on Sunday the 26th!

MINI Cooper Car Care Clinic

Our friends over at BMW & MINI Cooper Specialists have been stocking up on oil, fluids and all manner of shop supplies to get your MINI in tip top shape!  They’ve also recruited their friends and family to get the flyers under the wiper blade of every MINI they can find! We’re anticipating quite a few cars at the clinic. The clinic starts at 11 am on Saturday but come by a little early to sign up for your turn on the diagnostics machine, a fluids level check, a general review or all three.  BMCS wants to be sure everyone gets serviced as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget there will also be refreshments during the event and raffles in the latter part of the clinic. Also, take some time to meet and greet with some other MINI drivers.  It’s always great meeting up with your fellow MINI-acs!

Auto Cross at Cohen Stadium

On Saturday afternoon, Joe Walker from the Pan AM Region of the Sports Car Club of America (http://www.panamscca.org/) “friended” epMINIs and invited us out to the Auto Cross track being set up at Cohen Stadium next weekend.  (The track is set up in the large lot, not the ballbark) The Pan Am website has all the specifics regarding the event schedules, registration and what not.  First events begin Friday evening with a tech session and open track walk.  You will need to contact Pan Am about the specifics and how to register to get your MINI on the track. There is a charge to run on the Auto Cross track, but spectators are free to view the action.  It sounds like a really awesome time and if anyone is interested, please contact Pan Am through their website for details.

Cars and Coffee

There is a Facebook group called “Cars and Coffee” that meets up at the Starbucks in the Northeast from time to time.  The group is family friendly and has members driving all makes of cars.  Their page seems to imply they may “rally” a bit as well.  They will be meeting on Sunday Morning the 26th  at 10 am.  All they ask is that you patronize the shop in exchange for a parking spot in the lot.  Overflow will be in the Lowe’s parking lot.  (Facebook Cars and Coffee Event HERE)


epMINIs will definitely be at the clinic on Saturday.  For Sunday, there are a couple of options:

  1. People interested in running their MINI on the track will need to be at Cohen bright and early  (I think I read 6:30 am if I’m not mistaken) and will have needed to pre-register with Pan AM Directly.  Contact Pan Am for specifics
  2. For those NOT running the auto cross, but maybe wanting to check out the action, lets meet up at 9 am, leave at 9:30 to “rally” to the Cars and Coffee, then hop over to Cohen stadium and see what the autocross is all about. The first cars are scheduled to start their run at approximately 10:15 am so there should be plenty of time to make it over to Cohen.  It would be great getting together with everyone again and these seems like a good opportunity do so.

I think MINI El Paso will be the meet-up point for Sunday, but I’ll let everyone know for sure once I know what they are planning that day.  Wherever the meet up point is, put the 26th on your calendar for a Rally!

2 thoughts on “UPDATES: Weekend of June 25th and 26th: CLINIC, RALLY & AUTOCROSS

  1. The auto-x can use some help at the crack of dawn because we will prolly have a decent mess to clean up and then set the course back up. However for those of you that are going to want to race you do not need to pre-register if you are only going to be racing on sunday.

    We are looking forward to seeing you all come out and get a feel for what we do out there, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing alot of little mini’s running the course here soon.

    Thanks again for letting every one know about what we have going on down here.

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