Itinerary for August 28th-Rally to Sparky’s in Hatch NM

So do we call it a late lunch? An early Dinner?  Supper?  hmmm.  We’ll get to Sparky’s around 3 or 3:30.  We’ll be HUNGRY by the time we get there, no matter what we call it!

The nice folks at Sparky’s advised we arrive a little later in the afternoon as they get a pretty big crowd early and during lunch time.  We are going to push the Hatch run a little later than usual so that the folks at Sparky’s have room for all of us.

The MINI group from El Paso is scheduled to meet up with the MINI group from Las Cruces at about 2PM in Las Cruces.

El Paso Meet:

Let’s start meeting up at about 12:45 pm at the Starbucks on the West Side on North Dessert Blvd.  It’s in the parking lot of the Albertsons on Redd and the Gateway. The address is: 5650 N. Desert Blvd EP TX 79912


Depart by 1:30 PM

We’ll have a about a half hour drive to Las Cruces Via I-10. We’ll meet the rest of the group at the Starbucks on S. Valley Dr.  The address is 1500 S Valley Dr., LC NM 88005

Directions from EP To LC Starbucks:

    • I-10 West for about 30 minutes
    • EXIT 140, and prepare to make a right on Avenida de Mesilla (28)
    • Stay on Avenida de Mesilla 28 until you reach Valley Drive. Make Right on Valley.
    • The Starbucks entrance is near the intersection of Hickory and Valley


Depart for Hatch by 2:30

Our stop in Las Cruces should be brief as the road we are taking to Hatch will take us about 45 minutes to an hour.

To get to Hatch, all we do is get back on to S. Valley and take it straight through to Sparky’s. The back road is narrow, has dips, and sometimes farm equipment.  There’s also a Border Patrol Check Point in the middle of nowhere so we urge everyone to watch your speed and watch for road hazards.

Arrive at Sparky’s about 3:30 pm

We hope everyone gets  chance to talk to old friends and meet some new ones.  We’ll have plenty of time for good food, good company and some good MINI chat!

Stay tuned for more updates. We’ll get a menu posted and any last minute updates as needed.

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