A trip to the Texas All British Car Days

Every year Round Rock, Texas gets a true british invasion.  No I am not talking about a rock invasion by the Beatles or some other 1960s British rock group.  British Cars descend upon this small Texas town just north of Austin from all over Texas and in a few cases even outside of the state.  This isn’t just any British car show no this was a multi day event that included a number of events with the proceeds going to support a children’s charity.

This adventure started out with me making the long haul from El Paso Texas to Round Rock Texas in one day after going to work for a few hours first.  I will say my 2010 Mini Clubman S did wonderful on the long haul.  I was very delighted how it handled the rough patches of I 10 in west Texas as this was the first chance I have had to take the car on those roads.

I eventually arrived at the hotel in Round Rock were I discovered a number of class Minis, Triumphs, MGs, Jag E type and a classic Rolls Royce.  After checking into the hotel and grabbing some dinner I headed back to the hotel.  I ended up walking meeting this great group of enthusiast from the South Texas British Car Club.  They had numerous cars there some they had trailered but most had been driven up from the Rio Grand Valley.

The next morning the hotel was buzzing with a huge crowd of british car enthusiast.  After breakfast the morning was spent signing in for the show and the rally that was to occur that day. Along with all the registration everyone busted out their detailing kits and we went to town cleaning up cars from their long drives.  Have to get off that road grime and make them shine.  After all cars are like beautiful women they love looking their best.

After getting the car all shined up my cousin who lives in Austin showed up to be my co driver for the rally and boy did I ever need one.  The rally took us through some beautiful parts of the Texas Hill Country and had us putting pictures in the order we saw them.  Over 80 cars took part in the rally and the ranged from MGBs, Triumphs to Aston Martin and Lotus.

After the rally I spent the rest of the night catching up with family members and therefor was unable to attend the dinner that the event put on.  The next day we all got up and took our cars over to the huge park for show portion of the event.  I felt very humble at the show amongst the 200 or so cars in attendance.  The clubman got lots of attention especially with the Dustball Rally stickers that were still on the car.  One especially interesting car for Mini owners was the Mini pickup truck (see photo).  It was so awesome being able to walk around so many beautiful cars.  It was a good thing I didn’t have a truck and trailer I would have come home with a few different vehicles.  This was one of the the best events I have ever been to and I definitely will be going back next year. Please check out their website at http://www.prismnet.com/~embee/txabcd/index.html