Additional Cheat Points for GAME ON RALLY

Well I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend and is ready this haunted day of Holloween.  I know I had a nice relaxing weekend.  EPMINIS had a great time out at the MOTOR-TOBER event that MINI OF EL PASO put on.  We meet a lot of great people and followed up with old friends. 

So I am sure everyone is prepping for the GAME ON Rally this Sunday NOV 6.  I know I am psyched and ready.  EPMINIS will be offering additional chances for contestants to earn “CHEAT” points before the rally even starts.  Make sure you are a member of our facebook site and follow it daily.  We will be posting trivia questions that will allow you to earn additional points by answering them correctly. 


As a reminder the Rally will start at 8:30 am at MINI OF EL PASO.  I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Rally.


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