February Events for epMINIs and MTTS 2012 update!

Sunday February 19th will be the next Rally! This rally will be sponsored in part by Craven Speed.  They have donated two $40 gift certificates as raffle prizes for our meet up and have some discount codes for us to use as well.  We’ll send an email with the discount details to those of you who get the newsletter and or the website updates in their email.  For the Rally Route, we will head east to Sierra Blanca, then north to Cornudas.  Lunch, photos and Raffle in Cornudas.  Montana Avenue will bring us home.  More details to come!

Wednesday February 8th will be “MINI at the DON” sponsored by MINI of El Paso.  We’ll be at the UTEP Don Haskins center to support the Miner’s Men’s Basketball team as they battle the Tulsa Hurricanes!  MINI of El Paso has a LIMITED supply of FREE tickets available.  If you would like some tickets, please contact Victor at the dealership, 915-778-9381, to reserve your spot!

Who’s planning on doing some MINI Takes the States?  As I understand it, our best opportunity to join the rest of the MINI “Motorers” would be around July 10th or 11th. The route should drive through some cities just North of here! Although the routes are still being finalized, it’s a pretty safe bet you could block out some time from work between July 10th and July 16th.  Official route announcements later this month or the beginning for March.

Working on more things behind the scenes-Hopefully some new t-shirt designs and a non-rally nighttime MINI meet-up.  Keep up with our Site and Facebook for details to come!