A few videos from the Gila Rally 5/20/12

On Sunday May 20th, epMINIs (El Paso’s Officially Unofficial MINI cooper Club) marked its first anniversary by repeating the Gila Rally Route we ran in May of 2011.  We were joined by a few veterans and lots of new MINI drivers!  It was an all day trip for most of the MINI fans, and a great time was had by all! Extra special thanks goes out to Ken Kenyon for mapping the route and leading us through all the twists, turns, switchbacks and winding roads in one piece!

I hooked up the GoPro camera and set it to take pics on some of the more interesting parts of the route and flipped it to face backwards on the way home.  A couple of you MINIacs had the great idea to use the GoPro as an impromptu photo booth. Watch carefully for your smiling muggs to flash on the video!

All of our videos can be found on the epMINIs YouTube channel