Cars and Coffee meet, Sat Aug 4th

logo for Coffe and Cars El Paso
Kinley’s Coffee House
2231 N. Mesa
El Paso, TX 79902
7-10 pm

Cars and Coffee of El Paso will hold its Monthly Meet at Kinley’s Coffee House on Saturday August 4th at 7:00 PM.  This is a meet up of multiple car clubs and groups and I need some of you epMINIons to represent our group at the meet! My personal schedule is pretty tight that day so I’m not sure if I can go, but it would be a good chance to meet up with some new people and  show off your ride!

The organizers of the event would like a good count of cars they can expect from each group, so if you are planning on going, PLEASE let me know so that I can share the count with the organizers and they can coordinate the parking. You can post here on the blog, on Facebook or email me.

Before attending the event, please be sure to review the rules!  We don’t want to be the group that messes it up for everyone! RULES and REQUESTS from Cars and Coffee:

***We want to make sure all of our events are fun and safe for everyone, so anyone who does not comply will be asked to leave immediately and  will be prohibited from attending future events.***


Because kids will be allowed to participate at the events, the following rules are in place for everyone:

*NO Drugs
*NO illegal racing
*NO Burnouts
*No Alcohol
*NO Fighting
*NO Trash Talking
*No selling items or services
(Yes you may put your business out there as long as no sale takes place on the premises during the meet)

We know that this seems to be a lot of “NO’s” but our number one priority is to make sure everyone is safe, again this is a mature event, so I’m sure most of you will understand.

And remember, we always have gear available in our shop if you want to look “official” 😉

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  1. Please everyone in the club go get your car washed at Mr. Hotshine and buy a paw for the El Paso Humane Society. Paws are $1, $5 and $10. You will get your Mini clean and help El Paso’s homeless animals.

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