Pictures from White Sands Rally 09-15-13

WhiteSands09-15-13 001WhiteSands09-15-13 002WhiteSands09-15-13 003WhiteSands09-15-13 004WhiteSands09-15-13 005WhiteSands09-15-13 006
WhiteSands09-15-13 007WhiteSands09-15-13 008WhiteSands09-15-13 009WhiteSands09-15-13 010WhiteSands09-15-13 011WhiteSands09-15-13 012
WhiteSands09-15-13 013WhiteSands09-15-13 014WhiteSands09-15-13 015WhiteSands09-15-13 016WhiteSands09-15-13 017WhiteSands09-15-13 018
WhiteSands09-15-13 019

White Sand 09-15-13, a set on Flickr.

The White Sands Rally is one of the premier spots we hit throughout the year. Our fall visit was filled with lots a new MINI friends, and some serious “NOT NORMAL” driving! We try to make the trip about twice a year. We will do it again in late winter of 2014!