The Cars and Coffee Conundrum

El Paso TX has many accolades to its credit. It has Fantastic year round weather, consecutive years of being named Safest City in America, the beautiful Franklin Mountains, and TWO unrelated Cars and Coffee meetups at various times.

There is the “Cars and Coffee El Paso” event that is usually held on the first Saturday of the Month. This meet has a good attendance of Euros, imports and Mustangs.  It is usually held in the evenings, and has a high penchant for froyo.  The organizer(s) tie in a discount from the hosting business and hold raffles for various charitable causes.  The next “Cars and Coffee El Paso” will be held in the evening on Saturday March 1st as part of the Grand Opening for Craze at the new Fountains at Farah shopping venue.

El Paso Cars and Coffee” has a meet up approximately every other month.  It holds to the more traditional “Coffee Time” of the AM. The organizer(s) have an assumed affiliation with the “Dustball Rally” and thus you can usually expect to see some of the more exotic rides in town.  The next meetup will be on Saturday February 15th at 9 am.  This meet up will be at the Fountains as well.  Coffee from Jason’s Deli will be available.  Or BYOC is suppose.

I recommend attending at least one (preferably both) events and check out the El Paso car scene.  I think you might be surprised as to what you might find!