Gila Rally Checklist!

Are you ready for Sunday’s MINI Owner’s Rally to the Gila? Here’s some helpful tips and info for Sunday May 18th!

Gila Fire Info

As of May 17th, all routes are open and the fire is 50% contained! Rally ON!


The Fire

I have been carefully reading up on all the news reports and information coming out of the Gila regarding the fire. I have a Google news feed that is updated about 4 times a day with news from both National, Regional and Local Sources. I’ve also been following several Twitter feeds and the NMFire hashtag to keep up to date on the situation.

Here is what I know:

  • All of our route is currently open.
  • There is restricted access to the trails that we don’t normally go on. This is a non issue.
  • Residents and operators at the Gila Cliff Dwellings haven’t even seen the smoke as reported by the Silver City Sun News.  If it wasn’t for the news, they would not have know there was a fire, according to the interview
  • Fire is 15% contained (as of 5/14) and again, this is in the forest areas and not near the route or highways
  • As of Saturday May 17th, the fire is 50% contained

Here is what I don’t Know:

  • Is the Smoke going to impact visibility?  currently no reports on this.  Currently a Non-Issue
  • Will the route be open on Sunday? Will Keep watch on the news and reroute if necessary.


As with any road trip, be sure your MINI is ready for drive!

Air  Check the air in your tires and fill to the prescribed pressure.  You can DIY, take it to the dealer for some “Nitrogen Refill”  (because that’s how they sell you the car. Mine has been all replaced with “just-a-air”) or take it to discount tire.  Those guys will get you taken care of real quick.

Gas  Maximize your fuel economy and use the recommended minimum octane in your tank. My gas cap in my all4 Countryman S states it needs fuel with a minimum Octane Rating of 89.  I usually just use the premium from Chevron.  Shell or Texaco if a Chevron isn’t near by.  Using the Premium fuel with the “Techron” additive helps reduce the carbon build up in the engine and exhaust.  What’s carbon?  Go look at your tailpipe.  Its the black coal residue that’s hanging out there. (don’t touch. Its hot)

MINI Hardtops, Convertibles, Coupes and Clubman can probably do this whole trip on one tank of gas.  Countryman, Paceman and those with lead in their boots will need to prepare for refill at the mid point or before heading home. (Let’s face it, our Countryman are pigs when it comes to fuel! :/

Other Fluids Check your manual for specifics on service intervals.  New MINI’s come with 3 years maintenance, so take advantage of that!


We should be in Silver City by Mid Day.  There will be various food options for lunch or bring your own.  We will group up in the park as we usually do. There’s lots of shade and picnic tables for resting and eating.  (But no grilling please.  You know becuz “fire”)

The final stop on the route is Faywood Springs.  Ken has setup a special rate of $8 per person (regularly $12).  Bathing suit’s recommened, or not.  There is optional bathing suit area as well.

If you don’t plan on staying at Faywood Springs, a group can cruise back home or check out some nearby sights.  This last part will all be impromptu.   Kinda of a play it by ear deal. Off the cuff. (unorganized or planned)

Ask Questions

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