Post Rally Hangover and info for the next MINI meet!

The Gila

Last Sunday, our ragtag group of MINIons got together and tackled the twisties through the Gila on NM 152!  I think we can all agree the Gila is just too big for one day! (hint for 2015).  A rogue screw found its way into a tire and cut our plans a little short.  Despite that, everyone had a great time and we sure can’t wait to see everyone again!

Next Meet up 5/31/14

I’ve just bought 4 “LAWN TICKETS” for the Chihuahuas game to be played at University Park on Saturday 5/31/14.  The “LAWN TICKETS” are in the outfield and cost just $5.  These are not bleacher seats, but they are open and available.  Great for families and groups!  Andrea, the boys and I will be there and we would very much like anyone else who is interested to join us. BUT BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY!  These games sell out and there is a limited amount of tickets available!

Ticket info:

You can purchase your tickets online or AHEAD of time.  (YOU GOT THAT!  AHEAD OF TIME) at the ballpark itself.  Games sell out.  If you plan on going, do not expect to walk up day of game and find a ticket available.  Just do it now.  That quince you’ve been invited too is just like all the other quinces you’ve been to.  Make it up to them at Christmas. Its ok to skip it.  Commit to getting your ticket NOW!

Other stuff


MINI Takes the States is Rapidly Approaching!  If you’re going, go register!  EPMINIS will lead a group to Albuquerque on Wednesday July 30th.  This event happens once every two years.  This is a great way to connect to a HUGE MINI community.  You Don’t want to miss out!  Check out for COMPLETE details

We’ve got some other MINI meets in the works.  More details as our planners get the info together!