New Holiday Shirt design and why we’ve been offline and out of service!

Its been pretty obvious the activity at EPMINIS has come to a halt over the last few months. What’s not so obvious are the reasons why.  2014 has redefined what it means to be “busy” and has presented my family with new and unprecedented challenges in our lives.  The sum of it is, Mrs. EPMINIS (Andrea) has been suffering from herniated/ruptured discs, pain treatments throughout the summer and finally 2 surgeries in October. Recovery is slow and there are episodes of pain as she slowly goes through the healing process.  She’s restricted from driving or even just riding in car. And obviously that means she’s been out of work for several weeks now.

Through this whole process, I was also responsible for relocating our office of 30 plus folks to a new space Downtown. This was done in an almost impossible 40 day time frame but the previous landlords gave zero ph*x about getting our new lease right in an existing space.  So, we left. (And are now growing and hiring in El Paso and elsewhere)

The dust has begun to settle.  Bills need to be paid and our income is cut in half.  To help things along, I’ve put together a new design to Celebrate the Holidays with an old fashioned replica of the Ugly Christmas Sweater. I call it the NOEL NORMAL design.  Its digitally printed onto a sweatshirt, but the print replicates the details of a knit pattern. I tried the design out through several different online print shops. The one shop that seems to be able to get the design onto a sweatshirt and and print it to cover the shirt most effectively can be found at

I’d really like to see you all Instagram yourselves in the NOEL NORMAL shirt this Christmas season.  And don’t forget to tag your Instagram with #EPMINIS to share with everyone!

Be safe out there, have a bountiful Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Your prayers are appreciated!