Earn BONUS Points for the November 6th Game Rally

The Rally on November 6th will be part cruise/part scavenger hunt.  Participants will be given a worksheet with images of pre-selected points from the route.  These images will be out of order and participants will be asked to put them into the correct order as they are spotted along the route. There will also be questions about the route along the way. Getting all the images placed into the correct order will earn the participant points.  Answering each question from the route will earn points as well. The participants with the most accumulated points will be eligible for some very nice prizes from our Rally Sponsor, MINI of El Paso. Full details will be revealed the day of the Rally.


If you want a head start on your points, we’ve got a few ways to “cheat” and pull ahead from the pack


  1. Participate in the MINI of El Paso Facebook MOTOR-TOBER contests!  They are asking questions on their Facebook Wall and are awarding prizes to those who answer the questions correctly. I’ll give you participation points and bonus points for winning!  And if you’ve already participated this month or won something this month, well lucky you! You have points accumulated already! Play as often as you want!
  2. MINI of El Paso will be hosting their MOTOR-TOBER sales event on Friday, October 28th!  ATTEND!  We’ll be there! Check in with epMINI’s and we’ll be sure to award you BONUS POINTS!  Don’t forget, if you register with MINI of El Paso at the event, this will earn you $750 towards the purchase of a NEW MINI.
  3. Buy our Shirts!  Or sweatshirts, or hats, or hoodies, or jackets or any of our rally gear.  Head on over to www.cafepress.com/epminis and visit our web store.  Show up on Rally day in epMINIs rally gear and earn a point for each article of clothing or accessory you are wearing.


So there you have it, 3 ways to get ahead of the pack. Enter the MINI of El Paso Facebook Contests, Attend the MOTOR-TOBER sales event and buy our shirts!  The Rally on November 6th will start at MINI of El Paso and your destination is the Maldonado Corn Maze.  The route will be revealed the day of the Rally!  Can’t wait and hope to see everyone there.


We’ll post Rally Rules and Regs soon!

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