Rally Nov. 6th – This is How it Works!

As you all know, the next Rally on November 6th will be a Game Rally.  So what’s a Game Rally you ask?  A Game Rally combines the fun of Motoring with a series of challenges along our recently completed “mystery” route. Each participating MINI Team will be given a Rally Challenge Packet.  The Packet will contain your Map with the Route and Directions.  The Packet will also have a series of images from the route that you will need to put in order as they appear on your drive.  And finally the packet will have a few puzzles you must find and solve along the way. The finish line is the Maldonado Corn Maze. When you reach the Maze, you will need to turn in your packet to epMINIs for point tabulation and scoring.

Earning Points

Points have already started accumulating!  Café Press clothing purchases earn points. Playing the Facebook MOTOR-TOBER Games at the MINI of El Paso Facebook page earns points and attending the MINI of El Paso MOTOR-TOBER event on the 28th of October earns points as well.  Full Cheat Point details were posted HERE a few days ago!

Cheat Points accumulated prior to November 6th will be added to the Points you earn during the Game Rally Challenge.  We advise you to try and accumulate as many cheat points as possible as the route will have a few challenges that will be hard to find or solve.

What do I Win?

MINI of El Paso will provide some very nice prizes to the top placing teams.  This will include MINI swag, gift certificates and some “i”Devices 🙂 The amount of top placing teams will be determined by the amount of participants.  Following the completion of the Rally, we will need a couple of days to tabulate the results. Winners will be posted online by Thursday following the Rally.  Details for prize pickup will be provided directly to the winners.

Who can participate?

Current MINI and Classic Mini drivers are always welcome to attend.   Future MINI drivers that attend and register at the MOTOR-TOBER event on the 28th of October can play as well. (Future MINI drivers, attend MOTOR-TOBER and get $750 off your purchase. See dealer for details!)

All participants will need to register with epMINI’s on or preferably before the day of the Rally.  Registration will be necessary to correctly gather team participant’s names and collect contact info. We’ll post the registration form SOON.

All Games have Rules

  1. Each MINI will need a minimum of TWO people in the car to participate in the game.  One Driver and one Navigator. The driver must have current insurance and a current Driver’s License. Proof will be required on day of rally. Both Driver and Navigator(s) work together to ensure a safe journey while playing the game.  A regular cruise will be lead by the epMINIs Rally and Route Masters for those MINI’s without the minimum crew requirement. We have to insist on a minimum of two people per car as that is the only safe way to play the route.
  2. THIS IS NOT A RACE EVENT. There is no time limit on driving the route and playing the game.  There are no points for finishing “First”.  The game is played on regular streets and each MINI crew is responsible for following the state posted speeds and directional signs.  Each MINI crew will be responsible for any traffic infractions they and their MINI may incur!
  3. Sharing answers with other teams is prohibited!  Each car and its passenger(s) is a team and will play the game independently of other MINI crews. No collusion allowed!
  4. Completed worksheets must be filled out legibly, neatly and accurately.  Yes, spelling counts and no points awarded for misspelled answers!
  5. In the event of a tie, the qualifying MINI teams will be required to complete an extra challenge. (To Be Determined)
  6. The following items are ALLOWED. They CAN be used: GPS, Smart Phone, Street Maps, Atlas, Binoculars, Radar Detector, etc.
  7. The following items are FORBIDDEN. They CAN NOT be Used: Nitrous Oxide, Rocket Fuel, Spike Strips, Fireworks, tar and feathers, other MINI crews, etc.
  8. All teams will be required to enjoy the day and have fun!
  9. There is a good Chance we will make up some other Rules by the time the rally comes around!